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Highways of Health

This is a new initiative for our charity. Outside major cities and in peripheral villages and rural towns, where most people live, modern medical facilities are generally non-existent in Romania.  Inevitably, the most vulnerable groups are sick children, the elderly, disabled or emergency patients who lack radiography or hospitalisation at the point of need. We were invited by the President of Arad County Council to procure surplus high specification X-ray equipment from the United Kingdom health service and to initiate a Romanian – British collaboration to help modernise delivery of services in rural and urban hospitals.  Our project offers a solution that meets Romanian and EU requirements with added long-term benefits at a fraction of its actual value. The first X-ray unit was installed in Sebis in November 2013. Over the next year, subject to finance, we plan to install up to 3 additional X-ray units in Romania. Ultimately, we hope to expand the installations to generate digital X-rays - this would be the first step in developing a tele-medicine initiative.

Installing the first X-ray facility at Sebis

British Charge d’Affaires Esther Blythe opens the first X-ray unit at Sebis. Click to read her account