We don’t give a handout .... we give a hand-up!    

Our charity seeks to bring hope and change the lives of those who have been marginalised by our society.

A few winters ago we heard that Alex, a 17 year-old boy, was living in a pigsty (or more correctly he was about to die in that pigsty). At 17 Alex was too old to live in the state institution for children anymore, so he was put out on the street with no ID card or papers, and no benefits or support. He had nowhere else to go, so a pigsty became the only refuge offering some shelter from the ice and snow. When our staff found him his legs were so black it was feared they might need to be amputated. Alex has Type 1 diabetes but he had no supplies of insulin. If our staff hadn't found him and cared for him, Alex would have died within a day or two. Our team provided him with clothes, food & compassion and arranged for him to be admitted into a hospital. It took us a couple of months to get Alex some identity papers and to secure the state benefits he's entitled to.

Alex’s story is uniquely harrowing, but it's typical of the many boys and girls that our charity serves - children that nobody cares about who are left on their own without hope in deplorable situations.

Changed Lives