We don’t give a handout .... we give a hand-up!    

It's not possible to sum up in a few words the breadth and depth of the work undertaken by our Romanian staff and volunteers. To give you a flavour:

We run residential ‘refuge’ homes housing young men & women with severe social needs including physical/psychological disabilities, homelessness, post-institution and post-penal rehabilitation. Our homes are run on the basis of ‘social contracts’ between us and the young people living in the homes. The contracts presume a commitment to growth in skills, work & character; they are individualised to each person.

Each week our staff are involved in social work advocacy, basic skills training and education projects in Arad Women's Prison & the Maximum Security Penitentiary. These sessions are highly valued by inmates and prison staff. Perhaps our most important initiative was the development of the first adult literacy course in Romanian.

We run children’s camps and schemes to encourage children from disadvantaged backgrounds to reach their academic potential.   

As time and resources permit, we're seeking to develop our Siria Farm project, aimed at popularising and extending access to the rich, local, cultural, archaeological and historical legacy of the area. This project will support the development of projects for children and youth from both rural & urban neighbourhoods.

What we do

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